“No Linkables?”: Lil Farm Boy’s Unique PFP System

Lil Farm Boy NFT
4 min readMar 29, 2023


Non-Fungible Tokens, NFTs, the wacky pictures some people on Twitter use as PFPs (Profile Pictures), funny pictures of an ape/punk/a cutesy Lil Farm Boy with his AI companion. For a while, they serve no purpose other than to be well, pictures you can sometimes use as your Twitter pic.

Eventually, Crypto-Bros realized they were supposed to ask for more from a pic of a wacky character from some project they knew little about. Which is good as it ushered the age of features in the NFT space. Soon, every project (except some, still looking at you Goblintown!) is riddled with exclusive perks and benefits. Some are unique, while some are cut from the same marble, but case in point, NFTs are getting smarter and becoming useful.

The same couldn’t be said for the NFT itself, as every NFT project you have out there may impose features and perks for holders but not for the PFP. In simpler terms, you practically own a key (the PFP) that opens a storage space for whatever features the project advertises.

That’s changing now, as grassroots projects like Lil Farm Boy redefine people’s perception of Digital Identity, and for the better too!

Lil Farm Boy and its Linkables

As said earlier, PFPs don’t have much going for them, but that’s about to change. Lil Farm Boy for instance, is pushing to usher in a new age of NFTs that are interactive, personalized, and worthy of representing your digital identity, which you should pay extra attention to by the way, since Web3’s coming closer than you would expect!

In any case, let’s have a deeper look at what Lil Farm Boy’s doing differently!

It’s not surprising to hear “unique” and “0xTh3o” in the same sentence. The man embodied breaking the proverbial mold in the Crypto Space since its heyday up until now, which is something you’d exceptionally see in projects he founded. From Honest Farmer Club to his most recent and inarguably his passion project, Lil Farm Boy (Minting Live, check it here!), you’d see that 0xTh3o bleeds identity — with a cause from the features and the looks of all his works.

In particular, Lil Farm Boy as said earlier is looking to redefine people’s perception of NFT PFPs. They’re doing this by giving your sad, boring, and lifeless NFTs pizzazz and a personalized feel that is worthy of becoming your PFP for a long time!

How did they do it? Linkables!

With some help from the pioneers of ERC-721A, Lil Farm Boy introduced a nifty way for holders to flaunt their status and ownership while adding perceived value over their NFTs simultaneously!

With Linkables, you don’t just get conventional add-ons to your NFTs like POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocols), You get more!

Proof of Attendance Protocol

The textbook benefit that Linkables provide. Whether you attended a virtual or IRL event, you’d get a badge tied to your main NFT that acts as a certificate that says: “Hey, I attended here!”

This was added to Lil Farm Boy’s arsenal of PFP features, giving people tons of benefits from simple attendance checks to in-house events prizes and more! The possibilities are truly endless!

Holiday-Themed NFTs

Ever wished your NFT could match your festive vibes, especially during Christmas and other holidays? Get a chance to earn and wear a holiday version of your NFT whenever it’s available!

Flex Ya Bois

Collect Linkables and Flex your Web3 status! Linkables are connected to your main NFT, so rack up as many linkables as you can and grow your wardrobe of awesome add-ons and alternative versions for your NFTs! Improve their perceived value and reap up the benefits!

To NFT Hell With It!

These Linkables are directly connected to the NFT itself and not the wallet, so whatever happens to the Main NFT will also happen to the linkables tied with it. Looking to sell it? The Linkables come with it too! Wanna burn it for whatever reason? Linkables are burned with it as well!

This mere act of direct connection gives the Main NFTs a massive oomph in perceived value, which will set them apart from conventional NFTs that don’t have Linkables!

All these essential benefits are available for LFB holders to use and enjoy as early as they come. With sheer focus and dedication to set LFB holders from the rest of the NFT Space, Lil Farm Boy found a feature so never-before-seen that it just makes it fun and amazing to have a few LFB NFTs in your wallet!

From the awe-inspiring features that you will enjoy as an LFB holder to the flex factor you’d get from owning an LFB, there are so many reasons for you to cop a couple LFB NFTs yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Discord, Mint yourself LFBs, and become part of NFT history!



Lil Farm Boy NFT

Lil Farm Boy is an 5,999 NFT PFP collection in Ethereum with an exclusive community crazy about art, web3 and AI — while offering tools for its holders.