New Boys on the Block(chain): An Introduction to Lil Farm Boy

Lil Farm Boy NFT
5 min readFeb 15, 2023


It’s anybody’s game in the NFT Industry today as projects left and right all got their eyes on the top spot in most marketplaces! How do they do this? Simple, they offer unique features and feel, which gives them an edge over the competition. Sadly, this also leaves investors and enthusiasts just starting in the industry puzzled on which projects to choose and invest in. This is exceptionally troublesome for someone who’s hoping to make a name for themselves in this industry, cause you won’t know who to trust when promises are thrown left and right!

That’s why it’s almost always great to see familiar faces in Web3. Influencers, notable figures, and entities who have made ground-breaking contributions in the NFT space, and Web3 are most often the go-to guys to rely on and trust, when push comes to shove and you’re starting to look for the project that resonates with you the most.

Now, how would it sound to you if I divulged that there’s a brewing project out there in the NFT scene that’s made of experienced and notable figures in the NFT space that devoted countless hours to build rep and trust within the industry, and a project that is dedicated to individuals who are passionate about arts and tech!

Look no further, ‘Coz we got Lil Farm Boy on the block!

Introducing Lil Farm Boy!

Lil Farm Boy is an NFT Collection presided by none other than Honest Farmer Club and The Howdy Studios, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, Theo “0xTh3o” Roque, as well as well-known names in the NFT space like Level Art, and Zoociety!

The Lil Farm Boy

A Little Peep at the New Boys on the Block

Lil Farm Boy is a breath of fresh air, a complete restart, and a much-needed breather from the hustle and bustle within the echo barns of Honest Farmer Club. As the project’s CEO, 0xTh3o saw fit to make HFC as successful as possible, but in the midst of this he was also hoping to band himself with passionate, knowledgeable, and like-minded people beyond the farm. Thus, he devised a plan to create an entirely new project, owing a few of its elements from HFC, as well as other references from Pop Culture, Current Events, Tech, and Art!

Lil Farm Boy welcomes everyone from all walks of life, especially if they have an aptitude or a geeky fascination over New Tech and Art in Web3! This future bunch of exceptional and passionate individuals from across the NFT space will be provided with all the advantages they need and a few Lil Farm Boy signature techs and tools to effectively make a name and a killing in this budding industry!

Lil Farm Boy exclusively focuses on the Art versus Tech Narrative and is hoping to be one of if not the primary man (or boy!) to put this long-running debate to its finito. You’ll see this play out in every corner of LFB.

A structured mix between the art and tech motif, a community that pushes the WAGMI (We’re All Gonna Make It) mantra literally, and a project head as decorated and venerated as 0xTh3o himself, what else could you ask?

Sneak Peek — A Lil Farm Boy on the Art Side

“Why Should I Buy and HODL a Lil Farm Boy?”

There are a couple of reasons why one should invest in a Lil Farm Boy but what I would like to delve into more is why YOU should HODL your Lil Farm Boy in the future, and here’s why:

  • Community: In Lil Farm Boy, you’d be in the front seat of an exclusive community of people that think like you! From art and tech enthusiasts to builders in the industry, you’d have your place in LFB.
  • Newbie-Friendly Environment: Everyone’s welcome in Lil Farm Boy. Whether you’re one of the seasoned veterans who weathered countless bear markets and are still standing proud to this day, or the newbies who are just starting in the NFT Space and are just learning the ropes, Lil Farm Boy will make your web3 journey streamlined and fun!
  • Features and Benefits: Awesome benefits and perks are in store for Lil Farm Boy holders, from techs and tools that amplifies your latent skills to the NFT Spotlight to Lil Farm Boy-exclusive trinkets and benefits you can’t find elsewhere!
  • Web3-ready: There’s no denying it; Web3 is the future, and if you want to go big in this space, pushing for success in its uncharted lands is the best way around it. With Lil Farm Boy, you get a coach, a tour guide, and a stepping stone towards your success in this industry, with multiple programs set in its extensive roadmap, you can bet your sweet bippy you’d get more than a nifty pfp from LFB.

Web3 Implications

0xTh3o, a prolific BUIDLer and a visionary of Web3, made sure that Lil Farm Boy’s ready to hit the deck once it gets to the public market. Thus, besides community-building, and art and tech debates, activities will also be held within Lil Farm Boy’s exclusive community! From tinkering with the Internet and parts of it that will hold value in Web3, to full-blown web3 hackathons that’s bound to wrack every brain and crack every code, Lil Farm Boy’s got its shoes laced and its lane set for Web3!


All of this, and more will unfold in the next few days and weeks that follow. As of the moment, Lil Farm Boy is still in its earliest development stages. and more details about the project are still excluded from the public’s eye.

In any case, Lil Farm Boy is another promise in the making, with Web3 on sight this time. LFB perfectly executes what a web3-centric project is supposed to be, and this will only be more evident as the days go by.

So whether you’re a Day One 0xTh3o-natic fan, or someone who’s looking to make a killing in this industry, Lil Farm Boy is bound to have something for you, so hop on in, greet your peers, and give a little cheer for the New Boys on The Block(chain)!



Lil Farm Boy NFT

Lil Farm Boy is an 5,999 NFT PFP collection in Ethereum with an exclusive community crazy about art, web3 and AI — while offering tools for its holders.