Lil Farm Boy’s Not-So-Little Clique: An Exclusive Tour

Lil Farm Boy NFT
6 min readFeb 27, 2023

It’s obvious to every cryptobro and enthusiast out there that every NFT project’s bread-and-butter combo is to create a strong relationship with their community. Doesn’t matter how they execute it. Some build Discord Channels, while some even go so far as to roleplay just to set records and break the mold against the rest (looking at you, Goblintown!)

In any case, it’s established that you gotta take your community to a high priority if you want to make it to the front pages of Open Markets. So, why is it that some projects still couldn’t make it to the mainstream?

A lot of factors, really. But let’s talk about community and how this can make or break your NFT project. Perhaps take a page from the giants and the ones who did it right, just in case you plan to launch your own NFT collection!

Most of all, let’s also talk about this brewing project in the corners of the Lands Between Tech and Art and what it has been doing to expand and retain its growing community! Yes, it’s another Lil Farm Boy readable!

A Lil Peep at Lil Farm Boy

Th3o is generous enough to give outsiders an exclusive look at what’s cooking in Lil Farm Boy, from its Discord server to its creative departments! Let’s gander at what’s happening within the corners of LFB!

Life in all Corners

A little glimpse at some of the interactions between peeps at LFB’s Discord!

Lil Farm Boy’s Discord Server is still small because Th3o wants to create a tightly-knit community amongst the peeps already on Discord, and because it was closed off for public access in the meantime! This doesn’t stop LFB’s community to liven up and make interactions within the Discord as hype as they can be, though!

Not Just Party

Educational Discussions, you say? We got it here!

Hype is not everything with Lil Farm Boy because seriousness has its place too! Banding up communities of like-minded knowledgeable people is no easy feat, but when you gather them for a single purpose — become pioneer builders of Web3, you’ll see things fall into place.

Therefore, be it art or tech discussions, LFB opens its doors to every fan. Every nook and cranny is filled with life and fruitful interaction in Lil Farm Boy!

It’s a Bot!

A little snippet of what a normal conversation with Cotlin will be

One thing I loved and was excited about Lil Farm Boy is how they incorporated AI in the narrative, so much so that they have their own AI buddy on Discord! Affectionately named Cotlin by Th3o, the bot offers a vast archive of knowledge and a plethora of interactive dialogues to share with the people on Discord. As a self-learning mode, the bot only gets better by the day!

Currently, Cotlin’s tasked with menial work within Discord, mainly performing tasks from user prompts, like generating AI art and the likes but soon, it’s expected to strike up interactive conversations with people too!

“A little bird told me”

Lil Farm Boy’s Twitter (give us a follow!)

If you’ve happened upon Lil Farm Boy’s Twitter, you’d see it’s filled with interactive tweets and generous giveaways for everyone to partake in.

Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? WRONG!

LFB’s Twitter Page is a treasure trove of knowledge and tips on traversing the puzzling roads of Web3 and the Blockchain, courtesy of Th3o once again.

Th3o’s just the gift that keeps giving, don’t you think?

That’s it for the little tour our man Th3o helped us with. Though there is still little news as to when LFB’s going to open its doors to the public, we can rest assured they’re cooking something really great behind the scenes.


Lil Farm Boy’s a package full of rewarding need-to-know when it comes to AI and Art as it is their theme after all, this exclusive look at their growing community is as productive as the whole project itself too, so here are a few takeaways to reflect upon, especially for the peeps out there who wish to create their own projects in the future!

Trust: 100

It always helps to build your community on trust and honesty. The thing is, Lil Farm Boy took this part literally, and from the ground up, Lil Farm Boy bleeds honesty. Its CEO, the prolific Crypto-Visionary and Resident Buidler of the Web3 “Th3o”, is revered and respected within the crypto industry for his utter talent and the reputation he built with the people all those years!

If you’re not as known as Th3o, don’t fret! It always pays to bank in other areas to build trust with your community! Doxxing yourself (not for the faint of heart), establishing an identity in the crypto space through other methods, and the likes help establish trust and rep with your future supporters!

Know Your Audience

If you’ve been into sales, it’s always important to know what your demographic is or, in other words, who your product’s for. In this regard, Lil Farm Boy ticked this off the checklist by inviting art and tech enthusiasts across Web3 to their community!

If you aspire to create a project soon, it’s best to know the audience you’ll be selling your NFTs. Are you bullish on the Degens and the Quick Flippers, or do you want Alpha Callers in your community? All these questions must be answered as early as deciding your project’s motif.

Give It Your All!

Lil Farm Boy employed a no-holds-barred approach in gathering people from across the crypto space. An aggressive approach to entice people left and right is the surefire way of convincing people to join your clique!

Using Social Media as your main avenue for posting is the best thing you could do for your project. So go on, give it a try!

It has to be said though, that Organic is the best way to go. As a Founder, Th3o sieved through tons of messages and emails from people who would artificially inflate Twitter follower counts and discord servers members. This artificial way of working things is not the way to establish a stronger connection with your community though, so we advise against it.

Offer Something New

In the case of Lil Farm Boy, they brought something new to the table, as reconciling art and tech is something that no one has thought of, especially with the whole sitch nowadays, where AI is being pitted against Traditional art.

If you’re looking to create a project though, it’s best if your project aims to fill a niche or maybe even bring something that no one has thought of yet!

Wrap up

A quick tour within LFB’s domain gave us a lot of educational content to use in Web3, so stick with the Boys you know the most, and help us build Web3 from the ground up!



Lil Farm Boy NFT

Lil Farm Boy is an 5,999 NFT PFP collection in Ethereum with an exclusive community crazy about art, web3 and AI — while offering tools for its holders.