Lil Farm Boy’s Big Plans: A Vision Overview

Lil Farm Boy NFT
5 min readFeb 17, 2023


So, you’ve just heard about Lil Farm Boy, read about it here, and decided to follow their Twitter.

I’ve heard you’re also waiting patiently for their Discord to open. If that’s the case, I should welcome you for being one of the first peeps to glimpse at the newest boys in the space!

In any case, You’ve set your sights on securing a Lil Farm Boy NFT for yourself once minting opens. I’m pretty sure you’re pretty stoked about it too!

But wait, what’s that?

You want to know what’s in store for you when you mint a Lil Farm Boy, and You want to know what plans have been laid so far for the project’s foreseeable future too! I wouldn’t blame you though, ’cause it’s only fair you know what you’re getting yourself into, especially in these times.

Good thing you’re in the right place, so without further delay, let me walk You through the plans paved by Lil Farm Boy!

First and foremost, It’s worth noting that Lil Farm Boy has an extensive roadmap that’s divided into two phases that will all commence after Lil Farm Boy’s minting phase. The division was done to efficiently spread out the activities and offer the best possible experience to everyone who will be involved in Lil Farm Boy’s History.

First Phase: Lil Boy’s Boot Up

Lil Farm Boy’s first phase is planned around community-building and establishing trust with the project’s stakeholders — You!


You’ll see that every single activity that will be held within the first 6 months following Lil Farm Boy’s Mint concerns either reeling in and retaining prospective individuals, similar-thinking and talented individuals across Web3 to be exact, or emanating transparency and Honesty, all thanks to an aggressive marketing plan led by none other than 0xTh3o and LFB’s very own marketing team!

Plans laid out include multiple activities such as Fund-Transparency Reports, which will have its dedicated dashboard with multifunctionality, transaction hash reports and more, are in place this early in the project’s run. Additionally, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and SubDAOs building within Lil Farm Boy’s Discord, Phygital (Physical+Digital) Merchandise, as well as other massive events that will revolve around the community and the art-tech motif that LFB embodies will also be part of Lil Farm Boy’s Phase One!

Pave the Boy’s Path

Oh, worldbuilding is also planned, presumably from Phase One onwards, so artists and lore nerds better prepare, because we have something you’ll certainly love!

RNR: Rewards and [Redacted]

It’s not enough that you enjoy your peer’s company in a community where you feel like you belong; LFB knows as much, which is why most events within the Lil Farm Boy’s neat space are planned to include something that You’ll love the most! What’s that you say? Well, we can’t spill the beans just yet, but keep posted when the time comes (Hint: Money!)

Second Phase: Cranking The Lever to 11!

Going Big!

The Second Phase of Lil Farm Boy’s journey is its most ambitious yet, which is something everyone would expect from 0xTh3o. With a green thumb for success in Web3 and an ambition that matches it to boot, Web3 Visionary 0xTh3o made it so that Lil Farm Boy’s journey from its first 7 months onward will include extravagant IRL, Virtual, and Web3 events and experiences!

Webbing up in the Web3!

Still not straying away from the theme they called dibs on, each subproject will still breathe and feed on the Art-Tech on Web3 motif, all with that signature Lil Farm Boy aesthetic and atmosphere!

Never Forgetti

Lil Farm Boy’s tightly focused on rewarding their Day 1 fans too! That’s why profitable ventures, awe-worthy activities, and stuff that will leave each talented individual within LFB ready to take on and claim Web3 for themselves will be in place alongside these events, activities, and rewards!

Lil Farm Boy’s Blueprint!

Ultimately, each planned event is carefully considered and devised, all following LFB’s creators’ visions and ambitions.

A little disclaimer before we wrap things up.

Since Lil Farm Boy’s not ready for release, as with everything in the NFT space, this vision board’s still subject to change; factors internally, as well as market movements, may sway Lil Farm Boy’s pavement to a different path, but one thing’s for sure, the project will always be for the people, and the collective interest of its supporters will always be held paramount in every step of the way.

Wrap up

For a project dubbed “Lil,” they sure have ginormous plans in place, involving the community in every step of the way, and with plans of mobilizing a new age of Web3 creators to boot? That’s just something you’ve never seen or heard from any NFT projects before.

In line with 0xTh3o’s dream of building a community of web3 buidlers who think like him and dream big like him, talent is rewarded, and effort is appreciated in Lil Farm Boy. This is planned through incentivizing interaction and cooperation in various ways, which may or may not be included in the sneak peeks of the roadmap stated earlier.

Suffice it to say, the future’s looking bright for the New Boys on the Blockchain. I bet you feel that excitement too! If that’s so, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled on Th3o’s Twitter and Lil Farm Boy’s. As of this writing, Discord access is still a little limited to mitigate leaks and keep that general air of excitement running.

This roadmap is literally just the start of a long-running journey you’ll spend with the best of the best on Web3. For sure, more and more additions are in store for us, especially when Lil Farm Boy gets its first steps on Web2 and Web3!

So, why not start your journey with the ones most experienced and trusted in the NFT space? Why traverse the chilly and uncharted lands of Web3 alone, when you can get yourself a worthy companion and get your name cemented amongst the greats? Why settle for boring WAGMI chants on twitter and discord when we can live up to their message? Why not Lil Farm Boy?

Pack up your bags, and ready yourselves, we have a very long and exciting journey ahead of us, one that involves a certain Lil Farm Boy (pun intended)!



Lil Farm Boy NFT

Lil Farm Boy is an 5,999 NFT PFP collection in Ethereum with an exclusive community crazy about art, web3 and AI — while offering tools for its holders.