Bot Diff: Lil Farm Boy, and Cotlin!

Lil Farm Boy NFT
4 min readMar 13, 2023


Lil Farm Boy’s not even up for minting yet, and they are already doing things differently in the NFT Space. From promises of reconciling Art and AI via multiple foolproof avenues to a complete turn-up in thematic and narrative!

Talking about thematic and narrative, Lil Farm Boy’s offering something you can’t find elsewhere, a built-in interactive AI for the community to play and interact with!

To clear the table, Lil Farm Boy is your quintessential Web3 Project. It aims not only to reconcile both Art and AI and have them both cooperate with making Web3 into a profitable, sublime, and enjoyable experience for BUIDLers, content creators, and enthusiasts alike.

This vision comes with the current “tea” in the AI industry as well as the Traditional Art world wherein the two fields are pitted against each other. From narratives of Art Stealing courtesy of AI and AI prompters using its vast capabilities to profiteer from art contests and online clout.

Despite this rift between the two industries, Lil Farm Boy sure hopes there’s a common ground between the two. Thus. The Lil Farm Boy team exerts efforts in this vision too!

How they did this may surprise you.

Introducing Cotlin

Not too long ago, during the first few days of the LFB’s conception, Th3o envisioned a community of people like him with immense interests in Web3, Art, and Building AI. This vision of a community prompted (pun intended) him to create LFB, and in its early days of creation, an AI model with a cutesy personality was born.

What Is Cotlin?

Cotlin is an LFB-Native AI-Language Model specifically made to accommodate Lil Farm Boy holders and supporters. Simply put, it’s an AI you can talk to sometimes and answer questions for you, only if you are a supporter of LFB though.

It does so by offering companionship, as seen in Discord, where you can talk to Cotlin in real-time and ask for technical support simultaneously!

Cotlin offers a lot of conventional AI services, ranging from yes or no questions to more complex ones like Art Prompts which is possible from its partnership with the art prompt model Midjourney. It does so by tapping into the internet’s vast expanse and using the data collected to generate outcomes based on your prompts, much like a conventional AI model.

But it doesn’t stop there, because Cotlin relishes in interactions! Therefore, the more people interact with it, and the more info is fed to its algorithms, the smarter and more efficient it becomes!

It’s also worth noting that Th3o himself took the time and the effort, along with his expert team of AI devs to create and personalize the cute lil guy, so you can rest easy that Cotlin’s as great as it can be!

No Cap

Besides the fact that no NFT projects from the past and of this current time ever tried going beyond like LFB did, resulting in the creation of Cotlin and other awesome stuff you’ll get as time goes by and LFB gains more traction in the NFT space.

It doesn’t stop there, as Cotlin is just a part of a grander scheme that Lil Farm Boy pinned on their vision board.

Harder Better Faster Cotlin

Cotlin can’t just stay in Discord! He’ll travel with you across Innovart and Web3 too!

With this in mind, Cotlin is definitely going to play a larger part in the quest to make the two industries reconcile and cooperate. It’s not gonna remain a language model in LFB’s Discord, and will definitely receive updates and additions to its arsenal of tools and services in the future.

For surprise factors, we’ll keep a few details about this to ourselves in the meantime, but don’t worry! You’ll get sneak peeks of future updates whenever they come!

With all these laid in front of potential LFB holders, the future’s looking extra fantastic for everyone, Cotlin included. And with LFB’s Discord being opened for the public recently, you get to experience how awesome Lil Farm Boy’s capacity for service is!

So I really hope you hop in on Lil Farm Boy’s Discord and give Cotlin a few pings to experience how to talk to him in real-time, plus ask a few prompts on the #imagine channel to see for yourself how Cotlin works (along with Midjourney).

All this and more, packed on a cutesy bot our Lil Farm Boy found in a dumpster (In the Lore).

Truly a “bot diff” when you compare it to other projects, yeah?



Lil Farm Boy NFT

Lil Farm Boy is an 5,999 NFT PFP collection in Ethereum with an exclusive community crazy about art, web3 and AI — while offering tools for its holders.